Mall of Berlin Tanzt Edition 2023

Mall of Berlin Dances 2023
When discofox sounds resound in the piazza and couples of all ages dance in good spirits, it's "Mall of Berlin dances" again: From October 4, 29023 to October 28, 2023, between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., the atrium will be transformed into a dance floor with daily changing dance styles and DJ music in summer lounge style. Refreshing drinks are also provided. Whether beginner or experienced dancer, every participant is welcome - and will receive helpful tips on the right dance steps and correct posture from professional instructors from Berlin's best dance schools in a one-hour workshop (6 to 7 p.m.). Afterwards, participants can put what they have learned into practice during free dancing (7 to 9:30 p.m.).
Every day the focus is on a different dance:
This time in the warm atmosphere of the atrium of the Mall of Berlin, where this year we have prepared various concerts with stars of dance music on our elevated stage, so you can also enjoy live and free in the company of the Berlin dance community, where you can also enjoy and meet new friends, We have created a Whatsapp and Telegram community so you can always be up to date. Just copy the following link in your Whatsapp browser, join the group and enjoy our program, which includes an amateur dance competition, whose judges are the stars of the TV channel RTL, as well as the successful and international dance competition Let's Dance.
This year we will dance Disco Fox, Tango, Swing, Bachata, Salsa and Ballroom Dance, but the amateur dance competition will include only the rhythms of Swing, Bachata, Salsa and Disco Fox. Registration is now open directly to the dance instructor Fernando Zapata of the Zapatissimo Dance School, who also organizes this event as in previous years.

Freitags Tango in der Mall of Berlin. Im Atrium for free!!!

18:00 Uhr Workshop mit Gabriela Pereira
19:00 – 21:30 Uhr Milonga mit Livemusik und DJ Ilana(PLH)

27.10 Milonga.
18:00 Uhr Gratis Workshop mit Christiane Rohr.
19:00 – 21:30 Uhr Afterwork Milonga.
Eingang Ubahnstation Mohrenstr.

28.10 Samstag
18:00 Uhr Tanzshows und Promi RTL Juri Besuch Dance Contest Mall of Berlin
Fatima Vitale & Emiliano Alcatraz

Programm Mall of Berlin Tanzt Edition 2023

Whatsaap Dance Community Berlin:
  • Date : 04/10/2023 - 28/10/2023
  • Time : 18:00 - 21:30 (Europe/Berlin)
  • Venue : Mall of Berlin

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