Private Lessons

We adapt to the learning abilities of each individual, accompany you in your development and give you tips and tricks to impress your dance partner and your social environment in a natural and positive way.
As long as someone can walk, he can dance.
Many people believe that they have two left feet and that they cannot dance.
We think they can dance, they just haven't realized it yet.
Our goal at Zapatissimo is to identify strengths and get students to develop their own style.
This happens through the conscious perception of one's own body.

When they know their body, creativity can be developed.

They discover new movements and create their own figures.
With us they learn the ability to cool elements of social dance and improvise at the same time.

In our private lessons we adapt to our students individually.
Our instructors are all trained professional stage dancers from international
Art schools of Argentina, Cuba, Colombia and other countries.
who carry the fresh experiences of dance and their music in their bodies and are ready to share them with you in the most human way.
You can dance both the men's and women's steps.
We show students how to improve their dance style with small details and technique.
It's all about elegance, quality of movement and, above all, a lot of fun.

Whatsapp: +49 17620470772

Fernando Zapata Zapatissimo Berlin
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