About us

Zapatissimo is the only and largest authentic Latin American school in Berlin. Our teachers are competent, experienced and charming.
All are from Cuba and South America or have deep knowledge of South American and Caribbean dance.
Benefit from their versatility, professionalism and adaptability
to all). In plain and natural.
We teach Salsa, Bachata and Argentine Tango.
Learn effortlessly, with ease and in a familiar environment.
We give you the opportunity to learn different styles, so you can dance not only with certain partners, but really with all, Qualified dance instructors will accompany you and support you in your dance.
Development. We have a variety of other offers: Dance animations for corporate parties, spectacular dance shows, room rentals, private lessons in person or online,
Dance classes, workshops, dance boot camps (one level in one day), dance vouchers, dance shoes and room rental for sports, yoga, training, rehearsals or private parties.
For more information about the courses we offer or our numerous outdoor or indoor activities, visit our website or join the Tanzcommunity WhatsApp group. Just click here on this TEXT

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